Service portfolio

Accreditation & Certification

candena can design, produce and implement credit-granting academic programmes or awards, as an accredited institute of higher education.

Student Management Administration

candena offers extensive solutions for the management of student records, with due attention to thorough assessment management and student engagement.

Tutoring & Mentoring

We build trusting relationships with programme participants and help them along the way with our trained, professional mentors and tutors.

Content Production

candena develops insightful video contributions and case studies with highly skilled and reputable international experts.

Platform & Operations

Our state-of-the-art social online learning environment allows your learners worldwide to share a collaborative learning experience.

Curriculum Design

We design online programs with our team of experts complemented by experts from leading education institutions.

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What is Collaborative Learning?

Our multi-award winning learning approach is based on interaction, communication and exchange. Your audiences will learn in teams with and from each other, develop skills together, solve real-life problems under the guidance of experts and build upon each other’s progress.

Collaborative courses deliver engaging and effective trainings

  • Drive learner engagement
  • Deliver cost efficient training at scale
  • Build skills and capabilities in your people
  • Cultivate the collective power of your organisation
  • Foster teamwork and cooperation
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We help you reach your goals

With our learning solutions, you are able to spark innovation, train, recruit or connect with your audiences.

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Years of Experience

How we can help

Explore our collaborative learning solutions.

Available Courses

Choose from our available expert-led online courses, that have been successfully used by up to 22,000 people/ course, for your organisational education programmes.

Custom Courses

Together with you we design, create and run social learning courses that are integrated with your organisation’s objectives and tailored to your particular context.

Full Study Program

Establish a digital teaching organisation that provides a feedback-rich learning environment and offer accredited degrees to your audience.

Course completion rate
Active teams with Submissions
Active supporters per phase
Students who gave feedback

Results from a standard 3-month corporate MOOC.

Why we are so successful

candena offers a comprehensive online learning experience grounded in the principles of collaborative learning, such as project-driven learning, learning in groups, peer-feedback, and proactive support from trained academic experts. In this progressive learning experience candena carries out the following key activities:

  • Didactic program design and production
  • Implementation and maintenance of the online learning environment
  • Learning content production and curation
  • Tutoring, Mentoring, and Consultation
  • Student Management Administration
  • Rigorous quality assurance

What learners say

„The personal learning effect is much better, because I’m not only learning by the books.
I am learning and understanding by walking in the shoes of others.“

Andrea P. Participant

“I believe that this course is a rare opportunity here in Brazil, because there are no spaces that provide access to this collaborative work with qualified support like you promote. It’s really amazing how the platform is designed for everyone to collaborate and comment. Everybody gains for it.”

Eduardo B. Participant

“I am really impressed by the huge engagement of Tutors, Mentors, Professors. In the forum there is always somebody replying, giving feedback, adding information. In comparison to real university life (to my experiences) this MOOC gives easy access to information and communication with others; will it be supporters, other groups or the more official part like the MOOC staff.“

Nora U. Participant


Meet some of the prestigious institutions that have been involved in projects implemented by us.