Our custom solutions scale to your needs

Build capabilities, cultivate skills and forge bonds among learners with our state-of-the art collaborative online courses and programmes. You can choose from our selection of available expert-led courses which are configured to your organisational goals or we can create custom-made courses to fit your particular learning needs. We can even establish a full study programme for you! Additionally, we’ll provide a full range of professional services to help you create and run the online programme effectively. From idea development of the educational concept, to the implementation and set-up of the course as well as on-going support and training – our services allow you to get started at a minimum of complexity and a maximum of impact and control.

Expert-guided Innovation

A creative and agile workforce that is quick to devise and implement innovative ideas represents an enduring competitive advantage for any organization. candena’s collaborative learning courses provide a space for open communication, ideation and feedback exchange, resulting in innovative ideas and projects for complex problems.

  • Establish a virtual space for collaboration, innovation and ideation;
  • Create a pipeline of implementable projects and ideas;
  • Increase company agility and speed of reaction to business environment changes.

Training & Teaching

Use our collaborative course concept to cultivate a workforce equipped with the capabilities vital for a leading 21st century organisation. Our training solutions deliver effective and engaging training at scale to a distributed workforce by allowing your audience to develop skills and capabilities and gain real-world practical experience. Collaborative online learning is a strong mechanism for creating a culture of learning, nurturing practical skill development and driving deep learner engagement.

  • Deliver effective and engaging training at low per user cost;
  • Foster peer learning, mentoring and communities of practices;
  • Cultivate teamwork capabilities in your people and stimulate collaboration.

Branding & Community

Hosting an open online programme is a chance for your organisation to engage with its external stakeholders, position yourself as a leader in your field, demonstrate expertise, enhance brand value and develop a close relationship with customers. candena’s Branding & Community solution will empower you to build and nurture an engaged community around your products or around the causes you champion and drive meaningful relationships and open communication with your audiences.

  • Effectively cultivate and scale deep relationships with your audiences;
  • Foster demand for your products or create awareness about a cause you champion;
  • Enhance your brand value and position yourself as an expert in your field.